Join the workshop with SikhNet team and founders: Guruka Singh, Gurumustuk Singh and Gurujot Singh, for lecture, discussion, small group work, meditation and simran to keep the Guru's light shining. 

Timing: Sat, May 12th - 10:30AM - 3PM
Location: Louis A. Simpson Building - Room A71, at Princeton University (New Jersey)


Topics for Workshop

As Sikhs we live in this world, but we are not of this world. 
Each of us figures out how to walk the tightrope of ego in order to achieve what we came into this lifetime to achieve, but never lose our conscious connection to the infinite. We all struggle with keeping our body, mind and spirit in balance so that we don’t burn out, but instead, keep the Guru’s light shining steadily through us. This workshop will explore how we do that.

“How we are working together to build our future”
Guru Gobind Singh told us: “Malech Khalsa hosee naas, Panth Khalsa hosee Prakash” The rotten Khalsa will be destroyed. The Khalsa that sticks together will flourish and grow. This afternoon we will understand what that means and talk about how we are working together to build our future.


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